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Installing Linux on Oracle VM VirtualBox

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Using virtual machines provides us flexibility to install/test/study different guest operating systems easily. In this post, we’ll install a Linux distribution on a virtual machine without burning a DVD or using a USB flash drive; all we need is the ISO image of the distro we’d like to use. In this example, I’ve used Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1 to install Fedora 25 WorkStation as my guest OS.


  • Download Fedora here.
  • Download VirtualBox here.

VirtualBox Settings

  • Open VirtualBox, click New, set your target operating system options (Name, Type and Version) and hit Next;
  • Adjust the RAM memory;
  • Choose Create a Virtual Disk now;
  • Leave it on VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image);
  • I’ve chosen Dynamically allocated option for type of virtual disk over the Fixed-size one. That is because I’ll use the OS to practice and won’t need a lot of space or speed. Depending on how you will use your virtual machine, it might be better to choose the Fixed-size option, given that all space will be allocated immediately;
  • Adjust the file size if you wish and hit Finish.

Configuring the OS image

  • Right click on the machine and click Settings;
  • Under Storage click on the empty CD icon;
  • Click on the CD icon to the right of the optical drive (see image below) and select Choose Optical Disk File. Navigate to the ISO file you’ve downloaded and click OK.


After the installation

  • Shut down the live image;
  • Right click on the machine and click Settings then Storage;
  • Click on the CD icon again (see the image above) and select Remove Disk from Virtual Drive;
  • Now you are ready to use your OS!

Resources: Installing Fedora 23 on a VirtualBoxSpeeding up your VM


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30/11/2016 às 00:12

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